Makeup: How to Make your Daytime Look Work for Nighttime

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Many women face this dilemma; trying to figure out how to go from the office to a dinner date or a cocktail party without completely reapplying all of their makeup. Going home to wash your face and apply makeup in your bathroom is not always an option, nor is it necessary. With these tips, you can take your daytime look to nighttime quickly and easily.

Create a Kit for Your Purse

It is not a bad idea to follow the Boy Scout motto of "be prepared." Women today lead busy lives. Be ready for the spontaneous invitation for a night out by keeping a kit of essentials in your purse or desk at the office. The kit should contain everything you need to turn your daytime look into nighttime fun. Stock up on the travel size versions of the products you love so they won't take up too much room in your bag.

Here are some of the potential items to include:

  • Cotton swabs and makeup remover - use a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover to clean up any smudges, especially around the eye area. Over the course of the day, eyeliner and mascara can leave marks under your eyes, which, if left alone, can make you look tired. Removing this smudged product will perk up your eyes right away.
  • Hair brush, a hair tie and spray - if your hair has lost some of its volume during the day, get it back to life with a brush and hair spray. Turn your head over while you're brushing your hair to add volume. Spray the style in place once you've flipped your head back. If that doesn't work, pull your hair back into a band. A sleek, low ponytail can lend a very dramatic nighttime look.