Anti-Frizz Hair Treatments

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Have you ever seen a hairstyle you loved, but when you tried it out it simply looked wrong? Did your hair lack definition or was puffy, dry and wrought with flyaways? If this is the case, frizz is the likely culprit. Frizz not only ruins hairstyles, it says a lot about the health of your hair. While some people are born with frizzy or frizz-prone hair, frizziness is usually made worse by harsh hair care practices and environmental conditions.

To fight the frizz, take good care of your hair. Brush it gently, try not to over-style and protect it from excessive sun damage. Choose your hair coloring products wisely; products with peroxide and ammonia will strip your hair of its natural moisture and leave hair dry and lifeless.

For a daily hair care routine, you should use products that are geared toward addressing the appearance and causes of frizzy hair. While you may get immediate improvement in the appearance of your hair, the real results will come over time as your hair becomes healthier and more manageable.

Anti-Frizz Shampoos

If you want to address your frizz problem, the best place to start is in the shower. If you use the wrong shampoo, you can end up stripping your hair of its natural protective oils and making the problem worse. You should look for a shampoo that will moisturize as it cleans and deliver smoothing ingredients to your hair.

Redken is a company that's well known for its cutting edge salon hair care products. Redken's Smooth Down Anti-Frizz Shampoo (average price $23) uses natural ingredients and ionic science to help eliminate frizz. The blend of macadamia oil, candelilla wax and cationic refiners work to make your hair ultra-smooth, manageable and shiny all day-even in humid weather.

Women with thick hair seem to get the worst of the frizzies. Thick hair contains more cells than fine hair. Humidity can go into these cells, causing frizzy, flyaway hair. The Pantene Medium-Thick hair care line takes the special needs of thick hair into consideration. Pantene's Frizzy to Smooth Shampoo (average price $5) is an excellent, affordable base product for an overall hair-smoothing routine. The special formula contains ingredients that help seal hair to protect it from the effects of styling damage and humidity.