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If you have childhood memories of having your hair detangled after a bath, it probably wasn't the most pleasant experience, even if your mom tried her best to be gentle. Some people have more tangle-prone hair than others, and if you're one of those people, you're probably still struggling with it.

Very long hair is more likely to suffer tangling, as is very thick, dry or processed hair. Some tangling is situational, occurring after too-vigorous shampooing, a walk on a windy day, or an illness or injury that keeps you flat on your back.

Whatever the cause, you can fight your hair's natural tendency to tangle. For starters, the right haircut can make a difference. Having short or layered hair can help combat tangles, but these styles aren't for everyone. Keeping your hair healthy is key to combating pesky tangles. Use shampoos and conditioners formulated for your hair type, and try not to abuse your hair with too much processing or rough brushing.

Gently brush or comb your hair before you get in the shower or tub. When you wash your hair, massage the shampoo gently into your scalp, and when you condition, comb the conditioner through with a shower comb.

When you get out of the bath, you can attack stubborn tangles with a hair detangler, which contains ingredients to help release tangles and smooth hair, making it manageable and easy to style.