Dry Skin Treatments

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Because dry skin is an extremely common problem, there are hundreds of skin products on the market claiming to fix it. We know it can be difficult to choose your go-to products, so we're here to help you narrow the search.

First pinpoint the type of skin dryness you have. Is your skin dry all the time, or is it a seasonal thing? How dry is your skin? Is it just mildly dry, or is it keep-you- awake-scratching-all-night dry? Remember, hands and feet need different products than the rest of your body, and facial moisturizers are in a category all their own.

While many good-quality lotions can be purchased at reasonable prices, fight the temptation to just grab a no-name dollar store lotion. Always read the ingredients, and test the product. Your skin is the only skin you'll ever have, and covering it with chemical-laden, ineffective moisturizing products won't help your dry skin look or feel any better.

Good Basic Body Lotions

While you definitely want a body lotion that works, you probably also want one that smells great. With Bath and Body Works Lotions ($10.50), you get to have both! These light, quick-absorbing lotions are enriched with vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea butter, leaving your skin silky soft. They also come in a mind-boggling selection of sensuous aromas so delicious, you won't be able to pick just one.

If you want a drugstore lotion that works just as well as high-end brands, give Nivea Crème ($7) a try. Nivea Crème has consistently won accolades from reviewers, and during product testing has beaten expensive department store lotions at healing and smoothing very dry skin. This thick, rich formula zeros in on dry areas but won't feel greasy on your skin, and it's mild enough for the whole family.