Product Reviews: Lip Plumpers

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Mid-priced Plumpers $10-$20

Most mid-priced plumpers work the same as the bargain-priced products, but may simply contain more of the active ingredient. Sometimes, you'll get a plumping primer rather than a gloss. Primers are less sticky and can go on under your lip color for a more sophisticated plumped look.

Origins Underwear for Lips ($14.50) is a nude-color lip primer that prepares your lips for lip color. It plumps using silica to fill in fine lines and gives your lips definition and shape. The formula is flavorless and unscented, and a little dab goes a long way, making it a good buy.

Bare Escentuals focuses on overall skin health as well as beauty. The brand's Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Polish ($18) delivers plumping power and beautiful shine. Use this product alone, or glide it over lip color to enhance your pout even more. An extra bonus is the color variety: it comes in 18 great shades.

You probably wouldn't be reading about lip plumpers right now if it hadn't been for DuWop Lip Venom ($16), the product that started it all. Lip Venom features essential oils to help increase the circulation to your lips, adding volume and bringing out their natural color. The clear pink, non-sticky formula goes on smooth and gives lasting results.