Product Reviews: Lip Plumpers

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High-End Plumpers $20 to $40

As we age, we tend to lose fullness and definition in the lip area, making small wrinkles on and around the mouth more noticeable. This change can affect the overall look of a woman's face, and make her look older than her years. To address the problem, look to lip plumpers featuring deep moisturizers and wrinkle-fighting ingredients, in addition to their instant plumping power. You will likely have to pay more for a serious, dermatologist-formulated lip plumper, but the results can be well worth it.

Perricone M.D. Lip Plumper ($35) is no quick-fix gloss. This product contains anti-oxidants and alpha lipoeic acid to help fight signs of aging and improve the condition of your lips over time.

The TEMPS Lip Plumping Treatment from MD Formulations ($28) is another plumping product using cutting-edge ingredients to make lips look younger and more plush. The formula includes hyaluronic microspheres and marine collagen to infuse your lips with moisture for an immediate glow as well as long-term improvement. Use it alone, with your favorite lipstick, or as an overnight lip-smoothing treatment.

Lip Plumping Tips

Remember, your natural lip shape is inherited, and no product can give you an entirely different pair of lips than the ones you were born with. Do a little reasearch to find out how to best enhance your particular shape and size of lips. In general, a nude lip liner can give the appearance of fuller lips. A touch of gloss in the center of your lower lip can also create an illusion of plumpness.