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The cool temperatures bring with them the perfect opportunity for us to spruce up our wardrobes with a little bit of flair and individuality. When you're just not in the mood to wiggle into those skinny jeans, you can don a whole new look with the right pair of tights. Or if it's not quite warm enough to sport that dress and you're feeling a bit of 80s nostalgia, you can always slip into a comfortable pair of leggings.

Perhaps the best part of this trend is that both items are typically inexpensive and can be found for under $20. While there are luckily many styles, colors and patterns for tights and leggings, the trends from year to year do change slightly, so it's important to keep your supply up to snuff. You definitely don't have to break the bank on this trend- a new pair or 2 will definitely do the trick!

Tights: The Latest Trends

If you bought textured tights last season, the fashion gods must have been smiling upon you. This year, it's take 2 for these feisty numbers (or 3, for that matter). So slap those black lacies on- and remember, they can be dressed down for days at work and for nights, taken up a notch on the sizzle factor when paired with the right mini.

If you live in a cold-weather climate and the thought of sheer lace prints covers your legs in goose bumps, rest easy. Flannel-lined, full-footed tights provide more coverage and are still style-friendly.