8 Ways to Make Learning Fun

Helping your child to learn can be a challenge. While learning requires creative thinking, much of learning consists of rote memorization. Remember going over and over those times tables? Kids get bored easily. Your challenge is to find ways to make learning fun.


#1 - Make Learning Practical

Fractions can be the bane of many children's existence. However, if you show your kids real world, practical applications of fractions, the concept may become easier. Kids, not to mention adults, love desserts. If you have a cake, demonstrate halves, quarters, and beyond, depending on how many you are serving. This may make more sense to your kids than simply looking at numbers or pictures of "pies" divided into fractions in books.

This type of practical learning doesn't have to be limited to the kitchen and dining room. Your garage is also a perfect place let your child learn more about fractions by measuring wood and helping mom or dad with a fun building project.