How to Organize Kids' Clutter

For moms that are really into organization, here's a method to cope with storing puzzles and preventing lost pieces. Each time you get a new puzzle set, write the same number on the back of each puzzle piece. For instance, one puzzle set would have the number 1 written on each puzzle piece and then placed in a plastic, zippered bag that is labeled with the number 1. The next puzzle set would have the number 2, and so on. This way, if the puzzles become mixed up, you can easily sort them by number. You could also do this by color-code.

Baskets are a great organizational tool for holding books, magazines and coloring books. Your child can easily carry their basket of reading materials to one spot and pick from the basket.

Once-a-month or so it's a good idea to go through your child's room and help them sort through things. This is a good time to get rid of toys that are no longer played with or are broken. Toss what is broken and give away what your child no longer plays with.

If you instill this habit in your child early on, they will be learning valuable organizational skills. Before you know it, your child has discovered new and imaginative ways of keeping the clutter out and their room organized.