Group Fitness: Motivate Those Around You

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Peer pressure can be a positive force, especially when you're talking about fitness and healthy eating. The positive influence of having a diet buddy or attending fitness classes with others has been proven to increase weight-loss success. There are probably plenty of people around you who will take notice as you begin working on adopting healthier habits. If you're in school, then it might be your classmates. If you work in an office, then coworkers are sure to notice healthier lunches, having your gym bag in tow or when you take the stairs instead of the elevator. Maybe your family has begun joining you on your nightly walks or as you perform your exercise DVD.

Unwittingly, you may have become a positive force for those around you, which is great, considering the elevated rates of obesity in the U.S. But if you want to motivate those around you further, then there are a few ways to make those around you healthier. Think of professional organizations to which you belong - could you hold meetings or a team-building exercise outside, or incorporate a power walk into your meetings?