What's So Great About Grapes?
Today's Diet & Fitness Tip
Surely you've heard about the health benefits of wine through the grapevine by now. A compound found in wine - a polyphenol called resveratrol -- present in red wine in particular, can reduce heart disease risk and ward off some types of... Read More
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How To Do a Perfect Crunch
Beyond firming your belly, strength in the abdominals is essential because the abs' central location in the torso makes them a linchpin...
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What Should You Consider When Joining a Gym?
You've thought about it for a long time and have decided that you're ready to make the commitment. But before you jump in too soon and...
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How Can a Pedometer Help You?
If you're committing to a walking routine to keep up with your fitness and exercise resolutions this year, you can keep track of your...
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