Hollywood's Hottest Weight-Loss Plan

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Handsome hunk Harley Pasternak looks like a celebrity... and he is. But not the kind you think. While you won't catch Harley in a movie, on a television show or behind a microphone, he actually plays leading man to some of the most famous actors, actresses, singers and rappers. He's their go-to guy when it comes to getting in shape. Harley's role as personal trainer is instrumental for these individuals whose bottom size can actually affect their bottom line.

While it's easy to assume that many celebrities are catered to by personal chefs and round-the-clock fitness coaches, that's not really the case. Just like the rest of us, they have to cook their own meals and perform their own workouts. Now, Harley's sharing their super formula for fitness success in 5 Factor Diet (December 2006, Meredith Books), the phenomenal follow-up to his bestselling 5 Factor Fitness (December 2005, Putnam).

Harley's common-sense approach is both practical and simple, based on five as the magic number. Five meals a day... 5 components to each meal... 5-minute meal preparations... 5 ingredients... 5 short workouts a week... It's the power of 5, and according to Harley, it's helped transform the lives of thousands of individuals from super-busy celebrities to harried housewives.

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Try Hollywood's Hottest Weight-Loss Plan