20-Minute Workouts for the Holiday Season

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The holidays are notorious for being a time when even the most health-conscious woman lets her fitness goals slip to the wayside as she happily accepts a second helping of mom's famous pumpkin pie and skips that day's planned trip to the gym. All those indulgences coupled with a busy schedule can quickly add up to extra pounds on the scale, come the New Year.

When the holiday crunch leaves little time for fitting in your crunches (or squats, or downward-facing dog, etc.), there's still plenty of ways to add physical activity to your holiday routine. Exercise is a proven stress-fighter and you might be surprised at how energized and invigorated you'll feel after a 20-minute holiday workout.

Instead of obsessing about a few gained pounds or living in regret over that missed run and/or the plate of latkes, focus on enjoying the holidays with your family and friends and carving out a few minutes every day for fitness.