Change Your Workout

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Have you spent hours on the treadmill and elliptical machine each week but still aren't getting results? You're probably stuck in a fitness rut where your body has adapted to your workout routine and just doesn't respond to the activity like it used to. The best way to get over the plateau is to change up your workout and challenge new muscle groups; it's the only way to get your body into shape for the long-term and might even help you stick with your new routine.

The Problem With Your Workout "Routine"

Keeping up with a workout routine can help you stay motivated and on track with your weight loss and fitness goals, but there's also some danger with consistency. Your body will adapt to almost any workout routine, especially cardio workouts that do not challenge many different muscle groups. You might still elevate your heart rate, but you won't burn as many calories per hour and over time, may even end up reducing your fitness level.

The best way to get over this fitness plateau is to change up your workout routine so you're rarely doing the same set of exercises and activities each week. Take the time to create a weekly plan that includes weight training and cardio routines at different intensities so you're always working different muscle groups.