How Exercise Benefits Your Bones

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The best exercise program is always the one you will stick with. Stair-climbing and step aerobics are two beneficial, bone-building exercises, but if an exercise hurts your knees or hips, you will not continue it. There are many different weight-bearing and weightlifting exercises, so you can find a routine that is fun and pain-free.

People are often turned off by the thought of lifting weights. However, using weights can help you tone and build strength - it doesn't necessarily mean you're going to transform into a bodybuilder. With weightlifting, form is essential in avoiding injury. If you can, it is best to get at least a couple of lessons from a trainer, either at a gym or in your home. You can also find numerous videos which show the proper way to lift weights. A set of dumbbells is suggested, but again it is just as effective to use common househo