Journal Your Exercise Program

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Or you may be doing the complete opposite and not meeting the daily requirements for working out. That's where your fitness journal comes in. By writing down the days you worked out, what exercises you did, the equipment utilized can be a real eye opener to your workout routine.


Keeping an exercise journal will afford you the knowledge of discovering how to put variety into your workout routine. You may discover that you have been doing the same dull exercises every day. You may have quit working out and found your fitness log lying around in the house somewhere. By switching it up and varying your daily routine you will make the workout more interesting and stimulating. You may also discover a new and exciting way of exercising, such stripping to the beat. It's a much more fascinating way of exercising than doing dull sit-ups!


Your good old journal, your diary of exercise, will be the motivation you need to keep going. Your daily exercises will be printed in front of you, for you to see in black and white. You will stay motivated because you see in written word what you are doing that is so awesome for yourself. You will see the wonderful progress you have made, and how hard you have been working to accomplish those goals.