Protect Yourself from Workout Injuries

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By now most people are aware of the benefits of exercise. However, many people begin a program, only to have it interrupted by an injury. Fortunately, preventing an injury is easy, if you follow these simple guidelines.

Use Good Form

Precise and fluid movements yield better results than movements performed in a haphazard manner. There are two phases to an exercise; the concentric and the eccentric. In the concentric phase, the muscle shortens as it contracts. During the eccentric phase, which is usually the return movement, the muscle lengthens. It's important to use control during both phases of the exercise.

On weight training equipment, form can be compromised by using incorrect settings. Most machines can be adjusted according to your height, leg length or torso length. If the machine is in an incorrect position, the exercise may cause joint strain, which leads to injury. A certified fitness instructor can teach you how to use proper form.