Banish Boredom: Rejuvenate Your Workout

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Have you lost your motivation to work out? Getting stuck in a fitness rut is a common cause of the exercise doldrums that might cause you to skip your workout routine completely and fall back into unhealthy habits. Still, there are dozens of ways to freshen up your workout routine and reduce the chances of workout boredom.

When you're determined to get in shape and maintain your healthy lifestyle, you'll need an action plan to keep things fresh and fun -- and give your exercise routine a boost! Here are some simple but effective ways to get out of a rut and back on a healthy track in no time:

Get professional advice: Hire a personal trainer for a couple of exercise sessions so he or she can introduce you to some new routines and show you how to perform your current exercises like a pro. If you no longer enjoy your usual routine, a personal trainer can help you get out of a rut and get motivated to try something new.