Stripping for Fitness: Try a Racy Workout!

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It's fun, it's sexy and it's one of the hottest crazes in the world of working out. It's called strip aerobics (or sometimes striptease aerobics), and ladies are doing it in gyms and living rooms across the country. Though inspired by striptease and burlesque dancing, most of these workouts are done in normal workout clothes: tights and leotards or shorts and a t-shirt. Some gyms do encourage dancers to shed their costumes, but in most locations only the pounds and inches come off -- not the clothes.

In a time when looking good is increasingly important but time is at a premium, it is sometimes hard to fit in another boring session at the local gym and even harder to find the discipline to work out at home. Strip aerobics is coming to the rescue by providing a workout that is invigorating, uninhibited and just downright fun to do.

Combining exotic dances moves (belly dancing, burlesque and strip tease) with some aerobic, strength and flexibility training, strip aerobics increases both endurance and flexibility as it exercises every part of the body. The constant movement -- set to a sultry, sexy musical beat -- adds up to a workout that not only tones and tightens the tummy, but also helps a woman become aware of her inner sexuality and renews her self-confidence. Available at many gyms, strip aerobic classes are frequented by Hollywood notables, new moms, sorority girls, retired schoolteachers and everything in between. Even Barbara Walters has succumbed to the temptation, trying it on national TV.

For those not ready to step into the limelight by joining a strip aerobics class at your local gym, think about slipping in a DVD to work out in the privacy of your own living room. Whether you're looking for a fun and flirty workout or a super-hot one, you can find the perfect workout.