Ways to Commit to Get Fit

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Even when you're determined to get in shape and finally lose the extra weight, it can be hard to get going on a consistent fitness routine. Adding exercise to your daily routine and keeping up with your workouts can be a challenge, but you'll be able to achieve your goal when you make a commitment. Committing to get in shape will help you overcome the obstacles of just getting started with that new sport and keep you motivated for the long haul. When you want to make this positive change in your life, here are some easy ways to renew your commitment to fitness and finally get started on that exercise routine:

1. Join a fitness club. Working out at a gym and taking classes for your favorite activities are great ways to get started and keep up with your exercise routine. A fitness club or gym can also help you stay motivated; sign up for classes or work with a personal trainer to make sure you're participating in your newfound exercise regularly enough to make it a habit. The expense of a trainer is well worth the knowledge you'll gain about proper form and how to achieve your goals.

2. Find a running or exercise group near your area. Working out with fellow exercise enthusiasts is a great way stay motivated and even try a new sport. When you make a commitment to just show up, you've won half the battle! Working out with a buddy or group of fitness buffs will also keep you on track with your fitness goals and committed to your new lifestyle.

3. Write up a contract. Make a solid commitment to yourself by drafting up a contract. You can add all the details about your fitness resolutions in a simple document, then sign and date it. Place the contract in a visible area like your refrigerator or near your desk so you know what you're working towards on those really tough days.