Ways to Commit to Get Fit

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4. Work out at the same time. Schedule exercise into your calendar just like you would schedule an important appointment. Make sure you're making your "appointment" each day so that you can get into the fitness habit and continue on with your commitment to get fit! Just make sure you're changing up the exercise routine and keeping track of your workouts to stay motivated.

5.Set up a rewards system. Turn your weekly routine into a goal where you can reward yourself with something you enjoy only after reaching your goal. For example, if you commit to working out at the gym four times this week, allow yourself to go on a weekend shopping trip or take that cooking class you've always wanted to take. You'll be more motivated to stick with the exercises when there's an extrinsic goal waiting at the end of the week; plus, you'll benefit from the natural side effects of your workout!

You don't have to hold back on your fitness resolutions for too long when you have a plan. From working with a personal trainer to writing up a contract, use any or all of these strategies to get in shape and renew your commitment to fitness this year.