Wii Fit: Does it Work?

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The Wii Fit has taken the world by storm, an innovative toy that promises to give you a great workout without feeling like exercise. The Wii Fit is an interactive platform that lets you play different sports on your television and is intuitive enough to register your movements so you can track how many calories you're burning as you get through each fitness challenge. Wii Fit enthusiasts are already jumping into yoga, soccer, tennis and other exercises to keep up with their daily exercise and fitness quota - and having fun in the process. But can the Wii Fit really live up to the hype, or is it just another fitness fad? Here's a closer look at the latest video game craze.

How the Wii Fit Fitness Program Works

The Wii Fit is designed to keep you motivated to exercise by offering easy and fun exercise sessions using a simple platform, and you do it all from the comfort of your own living room. You might choose to head some soccer balls, play a few rounds of tennis or practice yoga poses on the platform as it tracks your movements and tallies the calories burned each session.

The Wii Fit platform is built with powerful sensors that help register your movements on the TV screen; your avatar simulates all of your poses and movements so you can "watch" yourself get through each exercise and make sure you're doing all the right movements to meet the fitness challenge.

The Wii Fit also keeps track of your calories burned per session, registers your body weight and tallies your BMI so you can find out if you're losing weight as the days and weeks of Wii Fit exercises goes by.