7 Strategies to Limit Halloween Candy Consumption

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7. Remember that you can always have access to candy. Most "Halloween" candy can be found year-round. We all know where to go to buy more if we just have to have some. We don't need to keep some "just in case." We don't need to focus on it and hoard it for later; we are not squirrels preparing for a long season of scarcity. Gorging on candy will not make us feel better. Get rid of it, don't focus on it, and calmly go about your business.

Halloween can be a tempting and perilous time of wading through extra candy and watching what we eat. It can also be good practice for the upcoming non-stop holiday treats that appear from now through New Year's Day. If you are tempted by Halloween candy take a breath, acknowledge it, and try one or more of these strategies. Make conscious decisions!

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Laura is a certified wellness coach and RN who helps busy women create solutions to wellness issues such as losing weight, feeling more energetic, and taking time for themselves.

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