Diet-Smart Protein

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Healthy dieting requires a balanced diet of both carbohydrates and proteins. Diet-smart proteins support the body boosting metabolism, repairing body tissue and helping muscles contract. Protein also helps stave off hunger when dieting. A savvy dieter must search for the best sources of protein available to lose weight, feel full and stay healthy.

Yogurt is great source of low-fat protein. Packed with 11 grams of protein, yogurt's live and active cultures boost the body's immune system. This diet-smart protein is considered the perfect food in some cultures with its creamy texture, delicious flavors and amazing health benefits.

Another protein-rich food which is high in flavor, but low in fat is legumes. Peas, soybeans or lentils provide the body with essential protein when coupled with other incomplete proteins not derived from animal fat. Legumes can be baked, boiled or eaten raw. This diet-smart protein is both economical and flavorful.