Dieting and Food Allergies

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by Jen Silard

As a hypoglycemic and gluten, dairy, and chemical preservative-intolerant woman pursuing a personal trainer's license and Health and Wellness Counseling certification, I can say with full confidence that it is entirely possible to maintain and/or cultivate healthy eating habits while dealing with food allergies. From personal experience as well as my studies, I would even propose that food allergies can simplify a dieter's goals - making them more achievable out of necessity.

The greatest pitfall for any dieter is backsliding. When a dieter decides to forsake restrictions and reaches for whatever tempts them, it could be based on a lack of motivation, insufficient planning (i.e. no healthy alternatives available), or ignorance. For an individual dealing with food allergies, these pitfalls will be much less of a hindrance.

While food allergies can be annoying or dangerous, they force you to plan ahead and to stay within your boundaries; your choices will not be based on willpower, but on necessity. The dieter who makes a food choice because they want to will not be accompanied by the dieter who is allergic to that food choice: the consequences are much more serious.