Have a Healthy Mexican Fiesta

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Mexican restaurant food is a lot like a girl with a bad reputation. Everyone focuses on the faults without seeing the good qualities underneath. Contrary to the rumors, fresh, wholesome foods are lurking under the cheese and sour cream of a typical Mexican meal.

To eat more sensibly and still have mucho taste, just follow these tips for healthier versions of each dish. You'll have a trimmer waistline before you can say "Ole!"

Goodbye Margarita, Hello Mary

When celebrating with your girlfriends, it's easy to lose track of the drinks. Just one of those monster Margaritas can pack as many as many as 700 calories, not to mention the additional bloat you'll feel from the salt. A better choice if you're imbibing is a spicy Bloody Mary, or a Bloody Maria made with tequila. At only 125 calories, you can afford to make a toast to a slimmer you.

Pass the Chips

By "pass the chips," we mean "pass them up." Those baskets full of chips that seem to magically refill are equal to a whole family-sized bag of snacks. Ask the waiter to take them away. If you want just a taste, put a sensible portion on a plate and then have them removed. You'll curtail the mindless munching, and you can save that salsa for a zesty low fat topping when your food arrives.