Kymythy's Kitchen Nutrition: Natural Anti-inflammatories

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There are many delicious foods that contain natural anti-inflammatory compounds. But first, let's make sure you're not consuming foods that are actually increasing your discomfort.

Sugar really disrupts your body chemistry in many negative ways and can make your body and mind feel tired and achy. People often crave sugar, which comes in many forms, when their body feels sluggish and they want a boost of energy. Unfortunately, while the immediate rise in blood sugar may give you a short-lived burst, the drop in blood sugar that soon follows will make you feel worse than before.

Caffeine works in a similar manner; quick boost, then long fall. It wouldn't be a surprise if the mornings you wake up with especially stiff achy muscles followed an evening before that contained a sugary dessert, alcohol (another form of sugar), or coffee.

If you need a snack after dinner, before bed, or anytime, try eating some good protein instead. A handful of raw nuts or seeds will provide you with nutrients that help steady your blood sugar and provide the amino acids that muscles need to be in good health. Make sure the nuts or seeds are fresh and raw. When they're roasted or toasted, they become rancid and detrimental to health.