Avoid Diet Pitfalls

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In a society where dieting can seem virtually impossible amidst all of the food temptations and those of convenience, there is hope. A little willpower comes in handy sometimes, as well as moderation. After following your plan, how come it is still hard to lose those last pounds? The answer may lie in some of your seemingly "healthy" foods.

When buying groceries, it is an old adage to buy something from every food group. We know this; yet those "reduced calorie", "fat-free", "light", and "sugar-free" snacks and frozen meals sure are tempting to any dieter, for their taste and sheer convenience. At first, you may lose some weight and then hit a plateau where you don't lose any.

Have you looked at the nutrition and ingredient labels on such foods? Not only do most have artificial ingredients that lack nutritional value, but are also loaded with salt and sugar to make up the taste. No wonder we get addicted to these foods!

So what happens to our bodies when we consume these supposed healthy foods? At first, you might lose weight because of a decrease in the number of calories you consume. Then you may hit a wall in your plan or even gain more weight back, because these foods just aren't natural to your body; basically your body starts rejecting these.