Revealed! 20 Best Dieting Tips

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Congratulations! Embarking on a plan to lose weight is an excellent way to improve your health. While rewarding, the path can be fraught with challenges -- from missteps, restaurant meals, even from well-meaning friends. During your journey, try some of these tips for greater dieting success.

1. Determine a realistic goal weight. If you work with a weight-loss center, their counselors will recommend a goal. If you prefer to go solo, ask your doctor what your ideal weight is. To stay healthy and give yourself the greatest chance of long-term success, shoot for a weight range that you will be able to maintain.

2. Keep a food journal. Write down everything you put into your mouth. This will help you track portion sizes and keep you "honest" about what you actually eat. Plus, if you had a bad week, you can look back in your journal to a more successful week, and see what you did differently.