Eating Healthy is All Greek to Dieters

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A visit to an authentic Greek restaurant is a treat. The minute you step inside you'll be assailed with wondrous smells of roasting meats, the sounds of bouzouki music and the amazing sight of a waiter igniting a dish of saganaki!

Greek dishes are some of the most flavorful of any cuisine. And why not? Many dishes use robust garlic, savory oregano, tangy lemon, cinnamon and more. The good news for those who want to eat healthy while eating Greek is that the layered flavors won't let you feel deprived. The bad news is that bechamel sauces, rich cheeses like feta, mizithra and Kefalograviera and lots of olive oil are all part of the cuisine, as well.

It's okay to go with an appetizer: a quarter-cup serving of hummus dip is about 100 calories yet gives almost 10% of the fiber needed daily. Use one slice of pita to scoop it up and it won't cause any dietary troubles because it's fat-free and only 90 calories. Falafel is another good choice, even if it is deep-fried. Made from chickpeas and fava beans, one piece is under 50 calories. Dolmades (stuffed grape leaves) are high in protein, low in fat and are about 75 calories for one appetizer side roll.