Suzanne Somers

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ImageSomers declares: swear off sugars and foods that break down into sugar. Protein and fats are not to be eaten with carbs. Protein and veggies should be consumed with each other. Consume carbs and vegetables together. Fruit should only be consumed by itself on an empty stomach. Wait three hours before switching combinations. Meals should never be skipped.

Somers' plan is now being offered online by The diet depot has the Suzanne Somers Weight-Loss Plan. Among the promises are that you will get lean and trim, enjoy delicious meals and snacks, and never feel deprived.

The experts at eDiets explain that with the weight-loss plan, you will figure out how to rev up a stalling metabolism. Perhaps the most appetizing aspect on the web version of Somers' program is the mouthwatering meals.

Here is what a single day on the plan looks like...

Breakfast: Huevos Rancheros
Lunch: Artichoke Pasta With Fresh Tomato Sauce And Balsamic Spinach Salad
Dinner: Steak With Herb Butter, Sauteed Mushrooms And Zucchini And Balsamic Tomato Slices
Dessert: Veggie Sticks With Blue Cheese Vinaigrette