8 Minutes in the Morning

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ImageThe first step in his greatly hyped program is getting your emotional eating habits under wraps. This is done with attitude-adjusting, inspirational exercises. He also calls for the importance of portion control, which can be done by dividing your plate into two halves: one half fruits and vegetables, the other half equal parts of protein and carbs. The good news is that you will indulge in great-tasting foods.

The meal plan includes recipes rich in omega fats, complex carbohydrates, vegetables, dairy, fruits and lean protein that's low in saturated fat. Not to worry, you can enjoy treats and satisfy your cravings in moderation.

Six days a week you will do two exercises that work two body parts. Your weekly fitness program will appear something like this:

Sunday: Rest
Monday: Work chest and back
Tuesday: Work shoulders and abdominal
Wednesday: Work triceps and biceps
Thursday: Work hamstrings and quadriceps
Friday: Work calves and butt
Saturday: Work inner and outer thighs

In order to lose the allotted two pounds a week, Jorge says that it's crucial that you follow his recommendations on eating and exercising.