5 Signs He's Cheating

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3. Using the Internet non-stop - Who isn't consumed by social networking sites and funny videos on YouTube these days? If your spouse is going to the extreme and staying on the computer until all hours of the night or his iPhone seems to have become permanently attached to his hand, you could have cause to worry. Many men seek and start relationships with other women online in chat rooms, via instant messaging or on social networking sites. In fact, there are even Web sites set up like typical online dating services -- except they cater specifically to men looking to cheat.

If you do a quick spot-check of your computer browser's history, only to find that it's recently been wiped clean, or if an email account you used to have access to suddenly has a new password, you could have a cheater in your midst. If you're computer savvy, there are many inexpensive monitoring programs that record keystrokes, passwords and recently visited sites. However, prepare yourself for what you might find.

4. Changes in your sex life - this sign can go one of two ways. Either your partner appears to lose interest and you stop having sex altogether, or your partner has an unusually high sex drive. If you normally have an active sex life, a lack of interest could be a symptom of an affair. It might mean he having his needs satisfied elsewhere or that his guilt over what (or who) he is doing makes him embarrassed or ashamed to be intimate with you. On the other hand, if you find that his sex drive is through the roof, he may be trying to overcompensate for his infidelity and distract you from his recent illicit behavior. In the same vein, beware if he starts requesting to use condoms if you normally do not.