The Secrets to Conquering Emotional Eating

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Often we are surprised to discover how many more calories we are consuming than the amount required to keep our bodies nourished and healthy.

Identify eating patterns

By consistently paying attention to our eating habits, we will see patterns of overindulgence emerging. Perhaps we eat after a stressful day at work, or after a confrontation with a friend or loved one. Perhaps there is one particular comfort food that we repeatedly indulge. The more knowledgeable we become about our eating idiosyncrasies, the more likely we can overcome them.

Avoid temptation

Keeping the refrigerator stocked with a variety of healthy, easily accessible food choices and eliminating sugary snacks with empty calories from the shopping list will ensure that when we do succumb to a food craving, we will not significantly undermine our weight control efforts.

Make eating a solitary activity

Don't simultaneously engage in other activities while eating, such as watching television or reading the newspaper. Designate one area for meals and snacking and do not deviate. Even for a snack, set a place at the table, sit down and concentrate on the act of eating. Chew slowly and consciously and wait 20 minutes before having another serving.