Constipation: Causes and Treatments

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Constipation can be painful, aggravating, and embarrassing to talk about. Though children and the elderly suffer the most frequently from this problem, knowing how to recognize symptoms is important for everyone.

Individuals affected by constipation should learn about prevention for the future, as well as when to get the doctor involved. Most individuals suffering from constipation need only make small lifestyle changes. For an unfortunate few, the problem may indicate a more serious condition; but that's no reason to worry. Everyone suffers from constipation at one time or another.

Symptoms of Constipation

The symptoms of constipation are easy to recognize. Bowel movements will become less frequent and more difficult as the condition progresses. Having less than three bowel movements per week is the first symptom. Stools become extremely hard after three days, which make passing waste even more challenging.