Fad Diets that Make You Fat

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Are you thinking about jumping into the next fad diet trend? Popular plans such as the Atkins and South Beach Diet promise to help you lose weight fast and easily, but most dieters find that they can't sustain the weight loss -- and end up gaining even more weight back! Here are some ways to avoid fad diets that actually make you fat.

Fad Diets: The Worst Offenders

There are dozens of fad diets available today, but many promise near-instant results that leave you tired, stressed and hungrier than ever. These crash diets can also put on you a dangerous diet roller coaster that leaves you packing on the pounds from a rebound effect. Some of the diet plans that make the "worst offenders" list include:

South Beach Diet -- If you're not committed to eliminating most of the carbs out of your diet, the South Beach Diet simply won't work. You need to stick with the first phase of the diet for at least two to three weeks to get started, and most people don't make it to the second phase to lose any real weight - and end up gaining weight instead.

The Atkins Diet -- Another low-carb plan, the Atkins diet requires you to eat large amounts of protein at every meal. However, most people simply lose their appetite from eating so much protein and find it hard to eat only protein at social gatherings, special events and restaurants. The Atkins Diet only delivers results when you stick with the plan for several weeks.

Zone Diet -- The Zone diet encourages dieters to only eat foods that meet the 40/30/30 ratio requirement. This fad can be very difficult to stick with, and few people have the time and money to prepare the special menu every day.