Natural Insomnia Remedies

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Toss and turn. Toss and turn. Toss and turn. Does this sound familiar? It might, if you struggle with sleep issues.

Rest assured, you're not alone. Whether occasional or compulsive, sleep deprivation is a fact of life for millions. It's not always easy to drift off to la la land some nights. There are few things as frustrating or mind-numbingly boring as lying in bed without sleep as a companion, and a lack of slumber time can really mess up the next day -- not to mention life in general, if poor sleeping is a lasting trend rather than a temporary fad.

Good news, though. There are plenty of ways to precipitate pleasant dreams, and many don't come in pill form. Here are a few methods you can use to make your next nighttime experience more relaxing.

Read before bed. There are two reasons for this. First, concentrating on most books requires more energy than your brain has to give at the end of a long day, and in trying to concentrate you'll probably drop off. And, second, reading is relaxing. It lacks the mental stimulation that many modern forms of entertainment, like television or video games, provide in spades. This stimulation can keep you asleep.

For that matter, if you have a television in your bedroom, get rid of it. Watching TV before bed won't help you fall asleep, especially if it's some rousing action flick with lots of flashing lights.

Listen to music. Not heavy rock, of course, but light and soothing songs will work just fine. You're probably best recommended to listen to calm orchestral pieces, as they can lull you into slumber before you know it. Be sure to shut the music off before you fully lose consciousness.