What's in a Cup of Tea?

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Lower Cholesterol and raises good HDL cholesterol - Weight Loss because of its fat burning (oxidation) action. Arthritis as the Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCH) inhibits inflammation, bone erosion and joint damage. - Sunburn EGCG mitigates sunburn reaction. - Liver Disease - risk of disorders is lowered with men. May also protect liver against alcohol damage. Intestinal Inflammation - EGCH due to it being a potent anti-inflammatory may treat inflammatory bowel disease. Cancer - EGCG combats free radical cell damage and activates p57, a protein that protects healthy cells.

How much Tea?

Six to eight cups of tea are likely to give you a positive outcome but tea drinking or tea supplements do come with a caution for those sensitive to caffeine. Too much caffeine can cause over stimulation of the nervous system and its diuretic properties can cause frequent urination. A feature or a fault? For you to decide. A limit of two cups a day is advised in pregnancy and breastfeeding. If taking prescribed drugs then check with your doctor for possible interactions. For all the health benefits that tea provides, it is a great addition to anyone's preventative health regimen.

This article was originally written for Health and Harmony College's Healing Times Newsletter, and has been reprinted here with permission.

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