How to Grill a Steak

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When you get ready to grill your steaks, it helps to be organized. Follow these five steps to prepare your steak to perfection.

*Make sure your grill is on level ground in a secure position at least a few feet away from your house. Have a fire extinguisher handy, and a spray bottle of clean water.

*If using coals, have enough in the grill and let them burn to an even grey, which may take a half hour or so. If using wood chips soak them in water beforehand and add them, drained, when the coals are ready.

*Place the steaks on the grill and broil them. After a minute, turn them at a ninety degree angle and flip to other side. This step gives the diamond-shaped grill marks that are so appealing. After another minute, turn them at a ninety degree angle again and flip to other side. A one- inch steak should take about ten minutes to finish, watch closely and test by touching them. Once they are seared with the grill marks, you can move them to a less intense heat to complete.

*Have a receptacle to place the finished steaks.

There you have it. You may not have a very hot (800 degree F) broiler, or the means to dry-age your steaks like the finest steakhouse restaurants, but you can make a great backyard barbecue by following these steps.