Debbie Meyer Green Bags

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Should you go green? That is the question. We're not talking about a quest for conservation. We're talking about the heavily-hyped Debbie Meyer Green Bags that are supposed to increase the longevity of fruits and vegetables. So do they really work? We put these bags to the test.

My husband and I run our own business and keep an incredibly busy schedule. As such, neither one of us has time to shop for fresh produce on a daily basis. This can be rather challenging in that I am a vegan who consumes most of what I eat raw, and my husband is a vegetarian who is also very accomplished athlete and thus requires a lot of food. I first learned about the Debbie Meyer Green Bags from another mostly-vegan friend. "You're the scientist. Put them to the test!" she said as she handed me the bags. "I swear by them, things are supposed to last for a month in these bags. Just figure it out and test, test, test!"

So I did.

I understand that the Green Bags are advertised on television; I never saw the commercials nor did my first bags come with product instructions. A double-blind study, according to my friend. She knew by appealing to my curiosity, I would test the shelf life of literally every fresh or raw thing we ate at home.

The Green Bags, I have learned, are advertised as being capable of keeping produce fresh for up to 30 days. When my friend had first told me that her non-organic and organic produce were lasting at least a month, I didn't believe her yet found this claim fascinating enough to challenge myself.