Debbie Meyer Green Bags

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We place produce inside the bag with a dry paper towel (to help alleviate condensation), and twist the bag loosely to close. For most everything besides bananas, avocados or tomatoes, we store the bag in the refrigerator. I don't mix the vegetables or fruits within the same bag, though on occasion my husband does and there has not been a considerable difference.

Most of the produce we store in the Green Bags stays a maximum of two weeks in the bags.

We've had good results with Green Bags with most types of produce. Celery and carrots seem to last quite well, as do apples and most peppers. I harvested several dozen jalapeno peppers from my garden this summer and gave several bags to friends. The group consensus is that the peppers lasted a maximum of approximately eight weeks refrigerated, and kept in the bag.

I also have an ongoing experiment wherein we placed a large bowl of cut wheatgrass inside one of the Green Bags. The wheatgrass is still green, smells good, and isn't moldy after nearly ten weeks.

The downside for us is that the bags are a bit of a hassle to wash and re-use. Other than that, I've not only purchased a number of these bags to use at home, I've purchased them to share and as a gift to others. I highly recommend them.