The Basics of Astrology

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One way to understand what type of information forecasting can provide is to think of weather forecasting: looking at the general conditions in a person's life at various times -- sunny, cloudy, windy, etc. Basically, if you knew it was going to be raining on a particular day, you probably would organize a picnic for another time. The same applies to using astrology for everyday life.

There are various ways to prepare a forecast, the simplest being transits. Another word for transits would be movements -- this refers to the movement or transit of planets. If you think of the natal chart, this is a map of the sky showing the planetary placements at the time, date and place of birth and does not change or move. In reality the planets do not stop moving, but continue their journey around the Sun - these continual movements of the planets are what are being referred to when an astrologer talks about transits. The transiting planets are then looked at in relation to the natal chart.

Forecasting can be a valuable aid in understanding and making the most of opportunities coming your way and also in dealing with some of the difficulties that life can bring.

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