What Sign Is Your Soul Mate?

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Any combination within these groups will do well in marriage. They possess the same qualities to keep their companion attracted and interested in one another in all areas.

There are, however, some sun signs that are simply incompatible with each other no matter what their circumstances and make for the absolute worst matches in the zodiac. Same-sign marriages tend to become disastrous unions. The couples are simply much too similar to form a well-balanced attachment. They tend to drown each other in their own traits and qualities. The dominant and aggressive sign of an Aries couple are both too eager for competition with one another to be successful in marriage. A couple sharing the sign of Pisces are both too emotional and dependent and tend to drown each other in confusion and self-indulgence. Three possible exceptions to this are Leo, Libra and Aquarius. The couples sharing these signs have a possibility to work hard with one another to make their marriage successful.

Other romantic attachments that might prove unsuccessful and doomed are:

Aries and Scorpio: Both are independent and want to control each other.
Taurus and Aquarius: Taurus is demanding and possessive, while Aquarius looks for openness and self-expression.
Gemini and Cancer: Cancer is sensitive and needs reassurance, while Gemini has a sharp tongue and can be brutally frank.