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Thursday, January 14, 2021
Rebellious Uranus ends its moonwalk in Taurus today, the day after the emotionally intense new moon in Capricorn. Eclipses and Uranus are both unpredictable by nature, so this means we can expect the unexpected during this time. Since August 15, we've been trying to become better people, even more focused on the greater good. However, we may have gotten too far ahead of ourselves and lost sight of our personal beliefs.

As Uranus turns direct, you have a chance to look inward by becoming the most unique and authentic version of yourself you can be. You could start off the year with a makeover, which can serve to enhance your personal style in this year. You are adding wardrobe pieces to your closet that we like and want, no matter what other people's opinions are. They'll be jealous of your unique style.

Relationships may be on the upswing after the emotional roller coaster we've been riding for the past several months. Keep in mind that what goes up must come down, especially with the unpredictable vibe concerning matters of the heart. Proceed with caution to avoid being heartbroken yet again.
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