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Thursday, February 25, 2021
Your thoughts could seem a bit jumbled this morning since we start the day with the moon opposing Mercury. Talking about anything serious isn't recommended because even communication with yourself is likely to go awry. Our ideas can't really be trusted this morning.

This proves even more challenging when Venus moves into complicated, emotional Pisces. Your feelings and ideas aren't the only things that will be all over the map, because you're likely to struggle with seeing things clearly this morning. Self-control also happens to be in question when the moon opposes Jupiter later. Take care also that you're not being overly generous to people who won't return the favor.

We finally get some relief when the sun sextiles Uranus this afternoon, bringing a sense of adventure and excitement. Your curiosity may feel scientific, so research of any kind is highly recommended. You could discover solutions to problems that have been obstacles for quite some time, and you may even invent a genius way to implement your solutions. It would be best to focus your energy on this today and not on trying to communicate with others. It could also be difficult to stay focused or on schedule, so set an alarm if tomorrow is an important day!
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