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Friday, February 26, 2021
The moon squares Mars around sunrise, so don't take anything too personally. The odds of someone raising their voice today is high (hopefully not you). Before most of us are even out of bed there's a precedent set for moodiness and frustration. Taking impulsive risks could lead to very dangerous consequences, so be careful. Because the moon later moves into the calculating sign of Virgo, you're likely to take the high road—or maybe at least the less problematic route—when dealing with any issues this morning.

The moon opposes Venus later, so your desire for affection could be great enough that you'll find it wherever it's available to you. Just be aware that opposing desires could create arguments and annoyance for both parties involved. Also be aware of overindulging in food or drink during this transit.

Jupiter trines the north node this evening, and we could be granted some wishes. Keep an eye out for ways in which you're lucky throughout the day. These are signs of where your energy and focus would be best placed moving forward. Good fortune is bound to find you this evening.
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