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Saturday, February 27, 2021
The moon trines Uranus early this morning, and that fun, tingly feeling that something amazing is on the horizon could be all-consuming. This is a wonderful day to do something completely out of the routine if possible. If you have to work, it might even call for using a sick day. The odds of meeting someone very interesting (and maybe even perfect for assisting you in accomplishing your intent) is very likely.

Because there's a full moon in Virgo, you'll be organized, calm, and focused on your goals like never before. Your perception of all the little details that make up the bigger picture is much sharper today, so check to see if any plans need to be reworked to make them more sustainable.

The moon opposes Neptune later in the evening, which could make it very difficult to not only understand and connect with others but also trust our intuition and self-understanding. A discussion could easily end up in a dispute, and you could find it very difficult to find anyone who agrees with you about everything today. Try not to get too paranoid about this feeling that you're the only infallible person on earth. Being honest and clear about your intentions or desires is highly recommended because it's also likely you'll be easily misunderstood.
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