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Wednesday, March 3, 2021
The weight of your extra burdens (and maybe all obligations) seems heavier today when the moon squares Saturn early in the morning. It's also very likely that you'll find yourself being somewhat haunted by any past failures or disappointments in life during this transit. Both of these feelings are likely causing some frustration and annoyance, which means you could be prone to flying off the handle at someone. If something ends today, it was likely meant to be and is for the best.

If you get stuck in your own regrets this morning, you could miss out on the benefits of the Venus-Uranus sextile later. It's almost like night turned to day when your focus shifts to the blessings in life. You'll be much more in the mood to celebrate life at this time. You're sociable, charming, and outgoing during this transit, and you might even meet a few new people.

Shortly after this there's a sun-moon trine, so peace should return to the home or office. This will likely restore all harmony until evening when the moon-Mercury square lowers inhibitions. This astrological event is famous for one-night stands, but it can also indicate excessive drinking, drug abuse, and overeating. If you make any drastic mistakes, you'll see it plain as day when Mars moves into the sign of Gemini tonight. Hopefully, you'll see what's happening before it's too late to make the right choice.
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