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Saturday, March 6, 2021
The moon's sextile with Jupiter and Mercury in the wee hours indicates that spending time with family today can help alleviate any stress you might have in your relationships. You'll have warm feelings for the people you keep close, and you can enhance your connections today. You'll be feeling sociable, and communication will be very open. Being this in touch with how you feel while also being able to convey it exactly the way you like is a blessing.

However, this comes with the countering energy of the moon-Neptune square making things seem slightly less real. Misperception is very likely at this time, so be careful not to react too seriously to anything, and be aware that you might be more sensitive than usual. The best thing would be to put your energy into creative outlets or some other method of escaping reality.

Later tonight, the moon moves into positive Capricorn, at which time we'll likely have solutions to any issues. You're sure to at least be resourceful enough to come up with some problem-solving ideas. Time limitations could give you a reality check, but you could be too motivated by possible success to think much about it.
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