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Sunday, April 11, 2021
The Aries moon cuddles up to communicative Mercury in the early hours of this morning, which could manifest in a busy mind that makes falling or staying asleep difficult. For those of you who managed to make it to dreamland last night, this energy is perfect for receiving messages from beyond the veil. If you had any interesting adventures in the astral realm, be sure to write them down for review later.

Fortunately, we tend to get a boost in our energy level when the moon is in Aries, so fatigue is unlikely to be an issue. There is a small chance that you or others could get a little snappish, so remember to connect with your patience if anyone gets on your nerves today.

The energy tonight brings a dose of good vibes to your ego and ambitions. The new moon this evening encourages you to think about your deepest desires and goals. Set your intentions for what you hope to accomplish in the coming months, and don't be afraid to shoot for the stars.

Once you've taken a moment to connect with yourself and your dreams, take some time to engage with your creative side and any passion projects you put on the back burner. Participate in activities that make you feel happy and accomplished as an individual, and keep moving on your path toward evolution and self-improvement!' 
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